Personal Injury Case Results

Here’s a summary of Gallagher Krich, APC case results for automobile accident, workplace accident, and more wins for business, contract and real estate law clients below.

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Case Results

Automotive Accident Matter

$135,000 Settlement

Our firm represented a motorcyclist who sustained multiple rib fractures when another motorist failed to see him while merging onto the highway. The plaintiff had recovered and based his claim on the injuries he sustained, medical bills and time off work. In addition, our client suffered a loss in quality of life after the accident when he was no longer able to ride a motorcycle, almost doubling his daily commute. Our firm was able to negotiate a recovery for his pain and suffering, loss of income and the general damages arising from the time he lost on a daily basis by switching from a motorcycle to a car caused by the accident.
John Doe v. John Doe

Personal Injury Matter

$135,000 Personal Injury Settlement

Our client sustained a debilitating power tool injury to his forearm which severely limited his ability to use his non-dominant hand. The plaintiff first worked with another law firm that did not properly investigate his case and dropped him as a client. Gallagher Krich APC took up his representation and review his medical records and the liability of a homeowner where the plaintiff was injured while working as a day laborer. After identifying the homeowner’s liability and insurance coverage, our firm was able to negotiate a fair settlement, negotiate medical liens and compensate the client for pain and suffering damages and the impairment to his left arm.
John Doe v. John Doe

Real Estate Matter

$0 Defense Case Settlement

Defense case dismissed at settlement conference for $0 damages and dismissal of cross-complaint*.
Company confidential v. Company confidential

$344,880 San Diego Superior Court jury trial

Business fraud in the execution of a contract, jury verdict on liability plus punitive damages*.
Company confidential v. Company confidential

Dental Practice Sale

$340,000 arbitration award

Company Confidential v. Company Confidential
American Arbitration Association (AAA) January 2012

Dental Practice Sale

$296,527 arbitration award

Successfully represented a dentist in recovering the purchase price of his dental practice despite counter-claims of misrepresentation in the transaction. Our client prevailed on the matter, recouping his attorney’s fees and costs and the value of his hard-built dental practice.
Company Confidential v. Company Confidential
American Arbitration Association (AAA)

Pharma LLC

$249,000 arbitration award

Successfully brokered a buy-out of our client’s interest in a pharmaceutical consulting firm. All parties parted ways amicably while the settlement allowed our client to transition into a new venture.
Company Confidential v. Company Confidential
American Arbitration Association (AAA)

Dog Bite v. Dog Owner

$250,000 pending

Pursuing a $250,000 damages claim against a property owner who failed to prevent hand and disfiguring facial injuries to our client. The matter is pending.
Orange County Superior Court

Stipulated Judgement – Involuntary Dissolution of Limited Liability Company

$240,000 arbitration award

Jane Doe v. Company Confidential, LLC
Judicate West, San Diego, CA, July 2010

John Doe v. Private Company

$120,000 settlement

Employee alleged that he was terminated for performance reasons when employee was in fact terminated for truthfully reporting non-standard quality in the production of company devices.
San Diego Superior Court

John Doe v. Motion Picture Co.

$111,000 settlement

Assisted an individual investor in recouping his investment from a production company that cancelled a project in pre-production.
San Diego Superior Court

Promissory Note, Fraudulent Securities Transaction

$110,000 Judgment

Doe v. Roe
San Diego Superior Court, April 2013

Breach of Contract-Entertainment Law

$110,000 Settlement

Doe v. Roe
San Diego Superior Court, March 2013

John Doe v. Video Production Co.

$94,000 default judgement

Secured a default judgment after striking the answer of the defendant, moving for attorney’s fees and punitive damages against the defendant for misappropriation of business assets for personal use.
San Diego Superior Court

Motor Vehicle Accident settlement


Represented a retired Naval officer after a motor vehicle accident resulting from an over-exhausted driver who stalled on a highway on-at night ramp while failing to put on his headlights or emergency lights.
John Doe v. John Doe

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

$50,000 settlement

Represented a combat veteran Marine in a motor vehicle collision suffered a clavicle injury as a result of a drunk driver. Our client pursued vigorous physical therapy and returned to active duty service. Unfortunately the $50,000 policy limits of the insured defendants were exhausted. We were able to successfully reduce medical service provider liens and provide pain and suffering and quality of life damages to the client.
John Doe v. Jane Roe

$50,000 inverse condemnation settlement

Jane Doe v. City of San Diego
September 2011

Accident Settlement

$49,000 settlement

Represented an individual who injured his back as a result of defendant assaulting him, chasing him and pursuing him with a 1/2 ton pick-up. Our client survived serious injury by taking shelter behind a tree while defendant ran into the tree with a pickup. We recovered for his back and hand injuries as well as pain and suffering incurred in the incident.
John Doe v. Jone Doe
Sacramento County Superior Court

Architectural Firm v. Casual Restaurant Co.

$30,000 settlement

Settlement following dispute over unpaid architectural design services and related intellectual property (IP) rights.
United States District Court

Misclassified employee v. Music Agency Co.

$35,000 settlement

Settlement based on client misclassified and denied wages for time spent in the performance of administrative duties and travel while under the direction and control of the defendant.
San Diego Superior Court
Numerous defense verdicts or settlements of $1,000 or less (in a civil defense capacity)

Class Action Consumer Recovery

Participated as class counsel in a multi-district class action against sub-prime lenders who fraudulently misrepresented homeowner income and concealed financially toxic negative amortization features of the residential loans that plaintiffs had purchased.
John Doe Homeowner v. Too Big to Fail Bank
United States District Court, Northern District of California

Class Action Defense

Obtained a class-certification denial based upon the proposed class-representatives inadequacy after exposing false time reporting by the plaintiff employee/putative class-representative.
Small business v. John Doe employee

*Punitive damages or exemplary damages are damages intended to reform or deter the defendant and others from engaging in conduct similar to that which formed the basis of the lawsuit. Punitive Damages typically range from twice (2x) to ten times (10x) the amount of the compensatory damages verdict determined after the liability phase. GALLAGHER KRICH has successfully obtained punitive damages from defendants who have perpetrated malice, fraud or oppression.
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