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Unsafe toys, defective seat belts, dangerous medical devices, household power tools, or contaminated medication could harm you or your loved ones. If you have been injured or suffered other damages because of unsafe products, contact Gallagher Krich, APC attorneys, because you may have a defective product liability claim.

In order to cut costs and increase profit, companies sometimes put less effort into the design, production, and distribution of their products. This can lead to unsafe products, which ultimately could injure you, the consumer.


Skilled product defect attorneys defend your rights

Gallagher Krich, APC attorneys can support you in understanding the chain of responsibility for your injury. The liable parties could include:

  • the manufacturer of the overall product 
  • the manufacturer of a component of the product
  • the distributor or the retailer

In many cases, more than one party is responsible for your damages.

We conduct a rigorous investigation and run extensive legal preparation in order to identify the defect in the product that harmed you and build your case. California laws define three types of product defect claims:

  • Flaws in design, which affect all the products that were manufactured following the same design;
  • A manufacturing defect that occurs during fabrication, which can affect only one product or more.
  • Warn defect is determined by inadequate labeling and instructions on the product’s potential danger to the consumer.

Gallagher Krich, APC provides you with strong legal support in order to get you fair compensation, and, if it’s necessary, to alert the public about the inherent danger of specific products.

Free Consultation From Our Personal Injury Attorneys

To learn more about how we can assist you in navigating the personal injury process, call Gallagher Krich, APC, at (858) 926-5797. We offer free initial consultations as well as evening and weekend meetings by appointment.

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Powerful legal representation for any defective product cases

Gallagher Krich, APC attorneys are fully experienced in handling all types of product defect injuries, such as:

  • Unsafe home appliances or household power tools
  • Unreasonable fire hazards such as furniture or carpets.
  • Unsafe toys or games
  • Dangerous sport equipment
  • Defective car parts
  • Dangerous medical devices or medication
  • Unsecured websites resulting in cyber liability

Contact Gallagher Krich, APC to discuss what your legal options are and how we can protect your rights in case of a defective product injury or damage.

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