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Poorly maintained property, cracked walkways, potholes, wet floors, sloped driveways, uneven stairs, unsafe balconies, and poor lighting could cause you to get injured. Consequences can be serious: broken bones, head injuries, back problems, paralysis or even death. The slip and fall injuries can negatively affect your work or personal life in the short or long-term.


California state supports slip and fall victims

Slip and fall accidents are part of the area of law called “premises liability” that refers to the responsibilities and duties that a property owner has towards users, visitors or residents. California state is aware that these accidents could lead to serious consequences. Therefore, the state law demands from those who own or control a residence, business or government property to keep their space in safe conditions for anyone who uses it. 

Even though in many cases it is tricky to determine who is responsible for the injury, you are entitled to claim monetary compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, time missed from work, and rehabilitation. 

If you or your loved one has been hurt in a slip and fall incident, get in touch with our experienced attorneys at Gallagher Krich, APC.

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Top investigators and negotiators in San Diego

Slip and fall litigation can be quite complex, but a knowledgeable lawyer can get you what your case is really worth. Our attorneys are fully prepared to take on this complex work and represent you!

  • A slip and fall case requires extensive investigation in order to determine who is responsible for your injury. 
  • Then, the level of responsibility is slightly different depending on the place where the accident happened. For instance, business owners or the government have a greater responsibility to maintain their properties safe for the public. Still, private homeowners also have to keep their homes safe for their guests. 
  • When your injury occurred on government property, your attorney has to prove that this was caused by the negligence of government employees while acting within the scope of their job authority. Moreover, a breach of duty towards you as a citizen has to be demonstrated as well.
  • Only attorneys with sound negotiating experience are able to convince the insurance companies to pay what you deserve.

Our strategy to win your case

Gallagher Krich, APC attorneys have the approach ready and can start to work on your case immediately:

  • Our attorneys can support you to collect the proper evidence for your case: photos, videos, witness testimonies, official reports of the incident.
  • We can successfully handle the negotiations with the insurance company, or the property owner.
  • We make sure that you preserve your right to pursue any legal action, and file the claims on time.
  • Our lawyers are ready to fight your case in court, if it is necessary, after deciding together all your legal options and rights.
  • We get you the compensation you deserve, for damages such as medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, rehabilitation.

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